Vijñāna Parishad of India has been publishing research journal Jñānābha (Print ISSN 0304-9892, Online ISSN 2455-7463) since 1971. Online version of the journal is available starting January 2015. Jñānābha is a UGC (University Grants Commission) approved Journal No.18697 vide Registered Notice Dated 11.01.2017, page 249. From Vol.47 (2017), the Periodicity of Jñānābha has been changed from Annual to Half-Yearly viz Jñānābha, Vol.47 No. 1, June( 2017), Jñānābha,Vol. 47, No.2, December (2017).

Jñānābha is a Pears-Reviewed (Duly-refereed) Journal with a truly International Editorial Board. Published papers in Jñānābha are reviewed among others Zentralblatt fur Mathematik, Germany and Mathematical Reviews, USA.

                                                            Jñānābha Editors

University of Victoria, Victoria,B.C., Canada
R.C. Singh Chandel
D.V. PG College, Orai-285001, U.P., India
                                                        Editorial Advisory Board

R.G. Buschman (Langlois, OR)
A. Carbon (Rende, Italy)
Peeyush Chandra (Vadodara, IN)
R.K.Datta (Delhi, IN)
G.Dattoli (Rome, Italy)
B.K. Das (Delhi, IN)
P.W.Karlsson (Lyngby, Denmark)
Pranesh Kumar (Prince George, BC, Canada)
I.Massabo (Rende, Italy)
R.B. Mishra (Kurdistan, Iraq)
S.Owa (Osaka, Japan)
P.N. Pandey (Allahabad, IN)
B.E. Rhoades (Bloomington, IN, USA)
D.Roux (Milano, Italy)
V.P. Saxena (Bhopal, IN)
G.C. Sharma (Agra, IN)
J.N. Singh (Miami Shores, Florida, USA)
T.Singh (BITS,Pilani, Goa Campus, IN)
M. Shakil (Hialeah, Florida, USA)

Pradeep Banerji (Jodhpur, IN)
N.E. Cho (Pushan, Korea)
R.C. Chaudhary (Jaipur, IN)
Sunil Datta (Lucknow, IN)
Maslina Darus (Selangor, Malaysia)
Madhu Jain (Roorkee, IN)
Karmeshu (Delhi, IN)
V.K. Katiyar (Roorkee, IN)
G.V. Milovanovic (NIS, Serbia)
M.N. Mehta (Surat, IN)
M.A. Pathan (Aligarh, IN)
 K.R. Pardasani (Bhopal, IN)
T.M. Rassias (Athens, Greece)
P.E. Ricci (Roma, Italy)
 R.K. Saxena (Jodhpur, IN)
S.L. Singh (Rishikesh, IN)
Dinesh Singh (Delhi, IN)
R.P. Singh (Petersburg)
 R.K. Tuteja (Rohtak, IN)
Jnanabha Volume 46