Vijñāna Parishad of India has been publishing research journal Jñānābha (Print ISSN 0304-9892, Online ISSN 2455-7463) since 1971. Online version of the journal is available starting January 2015. Jñānābha is a UGC (University Grants Commission) approved JournalFrom Vol.47 (2017), the Periodicity of Jñānābha has been changed from Annual to Half-Yearly viz Jñānābha, Vol.47 No. 1, June( 2017), Jñānābha,Vol. 47, No.2, December (2017).

Jñānābha is a peer-reviewed (Duly-refereed) Journal with a truly International Editorial Board. Published papers in Jñānābha are reviewed among others Zentralblatt fur Mathematik, Germany and Mathematical Reviews, USA.

Jñānābha Editors

University of Victoria, Victoria,B.C., Canada
R.C. Singh Chandel
D.V. PG College, Orai-285001, U.P., India

Editorial Advisory Board

R.G. Buschman (Langlois, OR)
Pradeep Banerji (Jodhpur, IN)
A. Carbone (Rende, Italy)
N.E. Cho (Pushan, Korea)
Peeyush Chandra (Vadodara, IN)
R.C. Chaudhary (Jaipur, IN)
R.K.Datta (Delhi, IN)
Sunil Datta (Lucknow, IN)
G.Dattoli (Rome, Italy)
Maslina Darus (Selangor, Malaysia)
B.K. Das (Delhi, IN)
Madhu Jain (Roorkee, IN)
P.W.Karlsson (Lyngby, Denmark)
Karmeshu (Delhi, IN)
Pranesh Kumar (Prince George, BC, Canada)
V.K. Katiyar (Roorkee, IN)
I.Massabo (Rende, Italy)
G.V. Milovanovic (NIS, Serbia)
R.B. Mishra (Kurdistan, Iraq)
M.N. Mehta (Surat, IN)
S.Owa (Osaka, Japan)
M.A. Pathan (Aligarh, IN)
P.N. Pandey (Allahabad, IN)
K.R. Pardasani (Bhopal, IN)
B.E. Rhoades (Bloomington, IN, USA)
T.M. Rassias (Athens, Greece)
D.Roux (Milano, Italy)
P.E. Ricci (Roma, Italy)
V.P. Saxena (Bhopal, IN)
R.K. Saxena (Jodhpur, IN)
G.C. Sharma (Agra, IN)
S.L. Singh (Rishikesh, IN)
J.N. Singh (Miami Shores, Florida, USA)
Dinesh Singh (Delhi, IN)
T.Singh (BITS,Pilani, Goa Campus, IN)
R.P. Singh (Petersburg)
M. Shakil (Hialeah, Florida, USA)
R.K. Tuteja (Rohtak, IN)

Information for Contributors/Subscribers


Jñānābha is an interdisciplinary journal devoted primarily to research articles in all areas of the mathematical, physical, and biological sciences; it does, however, encourage original mathematical works which are motivated by and relevant to applications in the  social, management, biomedical or engineering sciences. Papers intended for publication in this journal should be in typed form or offset-reproduced (not dittoed), A4 size double spaced with generous margins and they may be written in Hindi or English.

Manuscripts in duplicate (hardcopy along with soft copy typed in MS Word/Page Maker), mentioning Mathematics Subject Classification, Key Words  and authors’ email addresses on front page, should be submitted to either of the Editors. It is mandatory for every author to be a member of the Vijñāna Parishad of India in good standing and pay publication charges which will be based upon the number of printed pages.


The submission of a paper implies the author's assurance that the paper has not been widely circulated, copyrighted, published or submitted for publication elsewhere.


Authors are advised to submit only neatly (and carefully) type-written and thoroughly checked manuscripts employing accepted conventions of references, notations, displays, etc.; all typescripts not in a format suitable for publication in this journal will be returned refereed.


25 reprints are provided free for each article; additional reprints, in multiples of 25 may be obtained at cost price if authors give prior intimation while returning proofs.


Effective with Volume 41 the price per volume is Rs. 400.00 (USD $50.00). Individual members of the Vijñāna Parishad of India are entitled to free subscriptions to the current issues of this journal.


Payment Details

Payment can be made by cheques and must include appropriate Bank Charges. Payment can also be made using electronic fund transfer. 

Bank Account No.:         
Beneficiary Name:  
D.V.Postgraduate College, Orai - 285001,U.P. , INDIA
Bank and Branch Name:
Allahabad Bank, Main Branch, Orai
Bank Address and Phone No.:
Allahabad Bank, Main Branch, Orai -285001,U.P., INDIA, Phone: 05162-252226
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Jñānābha Volumes

The latest  Jñānābha Volume 47, No 2 (2017) is available now. Please contact us to get a paper copy or click here to download the PDF version of Volume 47 No 2.

Vijñāna Parishad of India is pleased to announce the online availability of all older volumes of Jñānābha starting from Volume 1 (1971).


All communications regarding subscriptions, order for back volumes, paper publishing in Jñānābha, membership of the Vijñāna Parishad of India, change of address, should be addressed to:


The Secretary

Vijñāna Parishad of India

D.V Postgraduate College

Orai 285001, U.P, India