About Vijñāna Parishad of India


Chief Adviser

Late J.N.Kapur

I.I.T.,Kanpur, UP, India

Jan.1971 - March 1988

Foreign Secretary

H.M. Srivastava

University of Victoria, B.C., V8W 3P4, Canada

Jan 1971 - Continued

Secretary- Treasurer

R.C. Singh Chandel

D.V. PG College, Orai, UP, India

Jan 1971- Continued

Vijñāna Parishad of India (Having Headquarter at D.V. Post Graduate College, Orai, Jalaun (U.P.), India is an International Society dedicated to the Application of Mathematics in all fields of Sciences and Technology founded in 1971-72 by Dr. R.C. Singh Chandel (Founder Secretary) inspired by Dr. B.B.L. Srivastava (Former Principal, D.V.P.G. College, Orai, India) with collaboration of Prof. H.M. Srivastava (Foreign Secretary) Victoria University, Canada and Late Prof. J. N. Kapur (Chief Adviser) who became President (1986-2003). Prof. Kapur was also elected the first fellow of the Parishad in 1996.

The society has been publishing its Research Journal "JÑĀNĀBHA" (Sanskrit word for Ray of Knowledge) (Print ISSN - 0304-9892, Online ISSN 2455-7463) since 1971.

This society has reciprocity agreement with The American Mathematical Society and at present is one of the five Indian Societies and thirteen Asian Societies which have such agreement with The American Mathematical Society. The research papers published in Jñānābha are indexed in the American Biweekly Current Mathematical Publications and are reviewed among others, by American Reviews (USA), Zentrablatt for Mathematik (Germany) and Applied Mechanics Reviews (USA). The society stands for the development of mathematical Science in India and encourages the interaction of Mathematics with Engineering, Industrial, Medical, Social, Physical, Biological and Computer Sciences.