VPI Annual Conferences

Vijñāna Parishad of India organizes conferences and national symposia/seminars annually in different parts of the country.

15th Annual Conference


A New Thrust Area In Mathematical Sciences and Technology

Venue and Date

D.A.V College

Kanpur (U.P.)

November 4th, 5th, and 6th 2011


The aim of the conferences was to bring together researchers, Scientists, Engineers and young scholars from the different parts of the country/world for the exchange of ideas and latest advances done so far in different fields of Mathematical Sciences and Technology through invited talks of the speakers and by paper presentations of the research workers. More details...

Local Organizing Secretary : Dr. Hemant Kumar

14th Annual Conference

Venue and Date

Shobhit University

Modipuram, Meerut, U.P.

March 24-26,2011


Professor J.N. Kapur Memorial Lecture was delivered by Professor R.K. Tuteja (Rohtak)

The following scientists were honored by Distinguished Service Award of VPI

    • Professor Dinesh Singh (V.C. Delhi University)

    • Professor A.P. Singh (Kisangarh, Ajmer)

    • Professor Madhu Jain (Roorkee)

Prof. R.D. Agrawal (Vidisha) was elected as Honorary Fellow (FVPI)

Local Organizing Secretary : Professor S.C. Agrawal

13th Annual Conference


Recent Developments in Applicable Mathematics & Information Technology

Venue and Date

Jaypee Institute of Engineering & Technology

Raghogarh, Distt. Guna, M. P. (India)

December 4-6, 2009


In recent years there has been exciting developments in all branches of mathematics and information technology. Rapid program in computer related fields based on mathematical sciences have created a lot of gales in the branches. The main objectives of the conference is to bring Mathematicians, Industrialists, Computer Scientists; IT specialists etc. together on one platform to interact with each other, share knowledge, exchange views, and discuss the topics of mutual interests and develop Inter disciplinary groups for fruitful applications of mathematics & IT to Industries. It also aims at presenting and discussing recent developments in mathematics & Information Tech

The academic program of the conference consisted of Plenary and Invited Talks, Symposia and Paper Presentations in the following areas:

    • Information Theory and Coding

    • Mathematical Modeling & Computational methods

    • Mathematical Models for Signal Processing

    • Mathematical Biology and Bioinformatics

    • Fluid Mechanics

    • Advanced Numerical Techniques

    • Applied Graph Theory and Network

    • Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

    • Graphics, Entertainment, and Gaming

    • Network Communication & Security

    • Image Processing & Remote Sensing

    • Novel Algorithmic Paradigm and Domain Specific Data Structures

    • Distributed Processing & Grid Computing

    • Service Oriented Architectures

    • Artificial Intelligence & Neural Networks

    • Embedded Systems & Fault tolerant Computing

    • Software Engineering

    • Applied Functional Analysis

    • Operational Research & Survival Analysis

    • Applied Statistical Methods

    • Any relevant field applicable to Industry and Engineering Sciences


was delivered by Professor Madhu Jain, IIT, Roorkee


1. Professor S.C. Agrawal ,Director, Shobit University, Meerut

2. Professor Bhu Dev Sharma, JIIT, Noida, UP

Local Organizing Chairman : Professor D.S. Hooda

12th Annual Conference


Applications of Special Functions

Venue and Date

J.N.V. University

Jodhpur, Rajasthan

October 25-27, 2007


Professor J.N. Kapur Memorial Lecture was delivered by Prof. A.H. Siddiqui (Saudi Arbia)

The following scientists were honored by the Distinguished Service Award

    • Prof. R.K. Saxena (Jodhpur)

    • Prof. J.L. Bansal(Jaipur)

    • Prof. P.K. Bhatia (Jodhpur)

In the above conference following members dedicated to VPI were elected as Honorary Fellows of VPI (FVPI)

    • Prof. V.P. Saxena (Bhopal)

    • Prof. S.P. Singh (St. John's, Canada)

    • Prof. G.C. Sharma (Agra)

    • Prof. S.L. Singh (Rishikesh)

    • Prof. R.C. Singh Chandel(Orai/Delhi)

In addition of two earlier fellows:

    • Late. Professor J.N. Kapur (Delhi)

    • Prof. H.M. Srivastava (Victoria, Canada)

Local Organizing Secretary : Professor B.S. Bhadauria

11th Annual Conference


Modeling of Real Life problems and Computer Applications

Venue and Date

Anand Engineering College

Keetham, Agra, U.P., India

May 12-14, 2005


Prof. P.N. Tandon (Retd., H.B.T.I., Kanpur) was honored by the Distinguished Service Award. In that conference it was also decided to organize Prof. J.N. Kapur memorial lecture every year.

Local Organizing Secretary : Professor A.P. Dwivedi

10th Annual Conference


Mathematical Modeling

Venue and Date

M.A.N.I.T. Bhopal, M.P.

May 17-19, 2004


The following mathematicians were honored by Distinguished Service Award :

  • Prof. R.P. Singh (Bhopal)

  • Prof. R.D. Agrawal (Vidisha)

  • Prof. B.D. Acharya (D.S.T.,Delhi)

Local Organizing Secretary : Professor K.R. Pardasani

9th Annual Conference


Applied & Industrial Mathematics and Information Theory and National Symposium on Challenges for Mathematics and Mathematics Education in 21st Century

Venue and Date

Netaji Subhas Institute Technology

New Delhi

Feb 22-24, 2004


The following scientists were honored by the Distinguished Service Award

    • Prof N. Rudraiah (NRI for Applied Mathematics, Banglore, India)

    • Prof S. K. Dube, I.I.T. New Delhi

    • Prof V.D. Sharma IIT, Bombay, India

    • Prof P.L. Pachdev, I.I.Sc. Banglore

    • Prof Phool Chand, I.I.Sc. Bangalore

    • Prof A.H. Siddiqi, Dhahran, Saudia Arabia

    • Prof B.K. Das University of Delhi

    • Prof Prem Nath, University of Delhi

    • Prof R.K. Tuteja, MD University, Rohtak

    • Prof M.K. Jain, Retd. Prof IIT Delhi

Local Organizing Secretary : Professor V.K. Kapur

8th Annual Conference


The role of Computers and Information Technology in Mathematics, Science and Engineering

Venue and Date


Lucknow, U.P.

December 15-17, 1998


Following scientists were honoured by the Distinguished Service Awards

    • Prof G.N. Pandey, Director, I.E.T. Lucknow

    • Prof V.D. Gupta, Physics Department, Lucknow University Former V.C.Lucknow University

    • Prof S.N. Pandey, M.M.M. Engineering College, Gorakhpur, UP

    • Prof Sunil Datt, Lucknow University

    • Prof R.S. Mishra, Former V.C. Kanpur and Lucknow University.

    • Prof S.K. Sharma, Registrar, G.B. Pant University

    • Prof P.N. Tandon Former Head Mathematics Dept H.B.T.I. Kanpur

Local Organizing Secretary : Professor S.K. Bajpai

7th Annual Conference


Use of mathematics and Computers in Science and Technology and "Mathematical Analysis and its Applications"

Venue and Date


Kanpur, U.P.

October 24-26,1997


This conference was dedicated to honour Prof J. N. Kapur during his platinum jubilee year.The following mathematicians were honored by the "Distinguished Service Award" for the distinguished services to their subject and/or to the VPI.

    • Prof R.P. Agarwal (Lucknow, UP, India)

    • Prof (Mrs.) K. D. Singh (Lucknow, UP, India)

    • Prof J. B. Shukla (IIT Kanpur, UP, India)

    • Prof U. B. Tewari (IIT Kanpur, UP, India)

    • Prof S. K. Gupta (IIT Kanpur, UP, India)

Local Organizing Secretary : Professor A.P. Dwivedi

6th Annual Conference


Teaching of Mathematics to Engineering and Computer Science Students

Venue and Date

Bundelkhand Institute of Engineering and Technology

Jhansi, U.P.

December 26-28, 1996


The following four mathematicians were honored by the "Distinguished Service Award" for their services rendered to Mathematics and/or to the Vijñāna Parishad of India.

    • Prof G. C. Sharma (Agra, UP, India)

    • Prof R. C. Gupta (Jhansi, UP, India)

    • Prof. R. K. Jain (IIT Kanpur, UP, India)

    • Prof V. P. Saxena (Gwalior, MP, India)

    • Engineer T. S. Nanda (General Manager, B.H.E.L. Jhansi)

Local Organizing Secretary : Dr. M. Saleem

Silver Jubilee Year conference

Venue and Date

D. V. Postgraduate College,

Orai, U.P.

March 10, 1996


Along with conference, Vijñāna Parishad of India also organized national symposia on:

    • Development of Industrial Mathematics for meeting Indian economic needs

    • The impact of computers on mathematics and research

    • The role of Mathematics in changing economic scenario

    • New thrust area in mathematical sciences and technology.

    • Fixed points theory and applications for developing the interest on applications of mathematics to science and technology in developing rural areas of India.

In VPI Silver Jubilee Year Conference following mathematicians were honored by the "Distinguished Service Award" for their distinguished services rendered to Mathematics and/or Vijnana Parishad of India:

    • Prof M. K. Singal (Merrut, UP, India)

    • Prof V. Singh (Patiala, Punjab, India)

    • Prof K.M. Saksena (Ranchi/Kanpur, India)

    • Prof S. P. Singh (St. Johns, Canada)

    • Prof S. L. Singh (Hardwar, UP, India)

    • Prof R. C. Singh Chandel (Orai, UP, India)

The following two mathematicians were honored by conferring Fellowship of Vijñāna Parishad of India (FVPI) on them.

    • Prof J. N. Kapur (Delhi, India)

    • Prof H. M. Srivastava (Victoria, Canada)

Local Organizing Secretary : Dr. R.C. Singh Chandel

5th Annual Conference


  • Industrial Mathematics

  • Mathematical Modeling

  • Modern Trends in Mathematical Relativity

Venue and Date

M.M.M. Engineering College

Gorakhpur, U.P.

June 26-27,1994

Local Organizing Secretary : Professor S.N. Pandey

4th Annual Conference


The Special Fourth Annual Conference of VPI was dedicated to the honour of Prof. J. N. Kapur on his 70th birthday.

Venue and Date

Harcourt Butler Technological Institute (H.B.T.I.)

Kanpur, U.P.

September 7th 1993


In 1993 Vijñāna Parishad of India took three remarkable steps:

    • Publication of another journal "Bulletin of Vijñāna Parishad of India". It contains proceedings of the conferences and Symposia organized by the Vijñāna Parishad of India including addresses of authors and abstracts of papers. It also includes expository articles on Mathematics. Mathematics education and applications in engineering. Physical, biological, social, medical, industrial, agricultural and computer science.

    • VPI started awards for distinguished persons and honour them for their unique work of eminency.

    • In this conference Prof. J. N. Kapur was honored and was proposed to be elected as First Fellow of Vijñāna Parishad of India (FVPI)

Local Organizing Secretary : Professor A.P. Dwivedi

3rd Annual Conference


Ancient Science in India - Dedicated to the memory of Bhaskaracharya on his 800 death anniversary (1114 AD-1193 AD)

Venue and Date

H.N.B. Garhwal University

Srinagar, Garhwal, Uttarakhand

May 25-26, 1993

Local Organizing Chairman : Professor B.S. Rajput

2nd Annual Conference


Application of Mathematics in Modern Science and Technology

Venue and Date

Samrat Ashok Technological Institute

Vidisha, M.P.

August 18-19, 1990

Local Organizing Secretary : Professor R.D. Agrawal

1st Annual Conference


Vedic Mathematics Applications and Traditions

Venue and Date

Gurukul Kangri University

Hardwar, Uttarakhand

March 10 – 11, 1989

Local Organizing Secretary : Professor S.L. Singh