15th Annual Conference

The 15th Annual Conference of Vijñāna Parishad of India and National Seminar on "A New Thrust Area In Mathematical Sciences and Technology" was held in Kanpur, U.P., India on November 4th, 5th, and 6th 2011.

Aim of the Conference

The aim of the conferences was to bring together researchers, Scientists, Engineers and young scholars from the different parts of the country/world for the exchange of ideas and latest advances done so far in different fields of Mathematical Sciences and Technology through invited talks of the speakers and by paper presentations of the research workers.

The three days conference gave a platform for enriching the mathematical flavor discussions on new thoughts and ideas in various fields. The day to day program will be designed to interactive with the help of the sessions including panel discussions, invited lectures and paper presentations in wide range of topics including Lie Theory and Special Functions, orthogonal polynomials, fractional calculus, mathematical modeling and other new thrust area of mathematical sciences and technology like application of mathematical techniques in biomechanics, epidemic model problem and ecological modeling.

Proceedings of the Conference

The proceeding of the Conference will be published as a special Volume of the Journal "JÑĀNĀBHA (ISSN - 304-9892).

Distinguished Service Awards

The following Mathematicians were awarded Distinguished Service Award during this conference:

Prof. D. S. Hooda

Prof. Hudda is anemirient scholar and an administrator at par excellence. He has published 90 research paper and authored 26 popular articles and 08 books in Mathematics and Statistics. Prof. Hudda has been General Secretary of Indian society of infemation theory for many years and presently is Vice President of international forum of interdisciplinary mathematics.

He was awarded many prestigious award. His area of interest is information theory, Fuzzy sets and their application in engineering, Management and Physical Science. Presently he is dean and head of Mathematics department Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology Guna M. P.

Prof. H. K. Pathak

Prof. H. K. Pathak in holding the office of Prof and head, School of stodies in Mathematics, Pt Ravi Shankar Shukla University, Raipur . He has authored more than 200 research papers. He has traveled in india and abroad for academic activities . The epicenter of his work is non linear Analysis . He was successfully nominated an Indian prof. for Abel prize in 2010. His several articles were rated top 25 hottest article in top 25 science duect.com.

Prof. M. A. Pathan

Prof. Pathan Joined the department of Mathematics Aligarh Muslim University in 1968 as a Lieliner and become Prof. of Mathematics in 1993. He has served as the chairman, Department of Mathematics, Aligarh Muslim University and coordinator Department of special assistance ( UGC ) from 1992 – 2002 . He has held faculty position at University of Daresalam, Tanzania, Alfateh University Tripoli, Libia and University of Botswana, Botswana.

He has been president of IMS, President ( Section of Mathematics Science ), Indian Science Congress, President of Bharat Ganit Parishad. He has been visiting professor at many Indian University. His main area of interest in integral operator, Lie – theory and special function. He has published 145 research paper and 4 books. He has visited over 40 countries. Prof. Pathan has published several articles on popular science and History of Mathematics

Prof. Mihir Banerjie

Prof. Peeyush Chandra

Prof. Peeyush Chandra received his Ph. D. degree from IIT Kanpur in 1976. He is the Professor of Department of Mathematics and Statistics in IIT Kanpur. His main area of interest in Bio-fluid Mechanics, Mathematical Modelling in Epidemiology , Fluid Mechanics Fluids , Mathematical Ecology. The number of Ph. D. students supervised is 12. He is the teaching experience 30 years. He has published 80 research paper and 1 book . He has traveled in India and abroad for conferences.

Prof. Prem Chandra

Formerly Prof. and Head of School of Studies in Mathematics, Vikram University, Ujjain Prof. Prem Chandra was awarded D. Sc. from the same University in 1973 . He has 152 research paper and 2 books to his credit. He is associated with many mathematical societies. He was awarded Dr. Radhakrishnan Award of the year 1990. His area of interest in Absolute sumabelity and Approximation theory

Prof. Sundar Lal

Prof. Sunder Lal received his Ph.D. degree from Meerut University in 1974. He rendered his services to Meerut and Agra University besides teaching in various prestigious capacities. Prof. Sunder Lal is also associated with NAAC , UGC Visiting team, UGC / CSIR / NET exam, etc. is an additional achievements. He has published more than 100 research paper in journals of national and international repute. He has received several major / minor research project . He is life members of many national and international societies . He has delivered 9 video lectures for UGC. Presently Prof. Sunder Lal is Vice Chanceller of VBS purvanchal University Jaunpur.

Conference Speakers and Topics

Local Organizing Secretary

Dr. Hemant Kumar

Department of mathematics, D. A-V. P. G. College Kanpur (U. P.), India

email: palhemant2007@rediffmail.com (Preferred)

About Kanpur City

Kanpur City nestled on the banks of the eternal Ganga, stands as one of North India's major industrial centres with its own historical, religious and commercial importance. Believed to be founded by king Hindu Singh of the erstwhile state of Sachendi, Kanpur was originally known as 'Kanhpur. Historically, jajmau on the eastern outskirts of present day Kanpur is regarded as one of the most archaic tounships of Kanpur continued to survive as an insignificant village. Its fate, however, took a new turn soon after. In May 1765, Shuja-ud-daula, the Nawab Wazir of Awadh, was defeated by the British near Jajmau. It was probably at this time that strategic importance of the site of Kanpur was realised by the British. European businessmen had by this time gradually started establishing themselves in Kanpur. In order to ensure protection of their lives and property the Awadh local forces were shifted here in 1778. Kanpur passed into British hands under the treaty of1801 with Nawab Saadat Ali Khan of Awadh. This forms a turning point in the history of Kanpur. Soon Kanpur became one of the most important military stations of British India.

Linkage and Connectivity

Kanpur City is situated between the parallels of 25026 and 26058 north latitude and 79031 and 80034 east longitude. It is situated on the important national highways no. 2 and 25 and state highway. It is also situated on the main Delhi-Howrah railway trunk line. It is situated on bank of holy river Ganga. Within the city only one Civil Aerodrome is located at Kanpur Cantonment. Though presently there is no civilian air-service available for the city but a 9,000 feet air strip is available at civilian air terminal Chakeri (Ahin/van) which is approximately 11 km. The nearest civilian air port Amausi (Lucknow) is 65 Km. away from Kanpur. Kanpur is connected on national Highway No. 2 on the Delhi-Agra-Allahabad- Calcutta route and on National Highway No. 25 on the Lucknow-Jhansi-Shivpuri route. It is located at the distance of 79 km from Lucknow, 193 km from Allahabad, 329 km from Varanasi, 398 km. from Khajuraho.