Jñānābha‎, Vol. 50 (2) (2020), (236-243)




S. Pande1 , H. Bisht2 , M. C. Mathpal3 , C. Pant4 , B. Pande∗5 and M. C. Joshi6 

1,2,3,4,5Department of Physics, DSB Campus Kumaun University Nainital, Uttarakhand, 263001, India 

6Department of Mathematics,DSB Campus Kumaun University Nainital, Uttarakhand, 263001, India 

Email: pande.seema@yahoo.com, hema.bisht15@rediffmail.com, mcmathpal@gmail.com, pantcharita94@gmail.com, mcjoshi69@gmail.com 

corresponding author- pandebimal@yahoo.com 

(Received : July 02, 2020 ; Revised: September 26, 2020)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.58250/jnanabha.2020.50228


This paper presents a three dimensional analysis of the properties of magneto hydrodynamic waves. A quantitative formulation of magneto hydrodynamic Alfvén waves is studied. On considering the motion in ordinary fluid, it is observed that the propagation of low frequency waves is only in the form of pressure waves. We have focused on such modes of propagation of incompressible fluid or plasma in magnetic field for which, the speed does not surpass the speed of sound. The value of conductivity is taken to be infinity and viscosity negligible. In such a case, the sum of the pressures of the field induced and the pressure of the plasma is independent of all the coordinates. The kinetic energy density of wave motion and the energy density of the field induced by the perturbation come out to be equal in both phase and amplitude. The study of the effect of large but finite conductivity for small Joule losses reveal that the waves remain periodic, but it is observed that the amplitude of the waves decreases continuously and exponentially at a slow pace.


2010 Mathematics Subject Classifications: 76W05.

Keywords and phrases:  MHD, Alfvén waves, plasma pressure, magnetic field.

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