Abdul Rheem1*  and Musheer Ahmad2

1J. V. Jain Degree College Saharanpur-247001, Uttar Pradesh, India 

2Department of Applied Science and Humanities, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi-110025, India, 

(Received : July 07,2021 ; In format : August 16,2021 ; Finally Revised :January 31, 2022) 




The aim of this paper is to analyze the maximum age group of women affected by the divorce problem using fuzzy matrix method. Study of this real world problem is based on four types of different matrices, known as initial raw data matrix (IRDM), average time dependent data matrix (ATDM), refined time dependent data matrix ( RTDM), and combined effect time dependent data matrix ( CETDM). For this study the data has been obtained from 110 divorced women in Delhi and NCR, India. In order to estimate maximum age group of women influenced by divorce problem, some graphical representations are shown for different values of ?, 0 ≤ α ≤ 1 using algebraic applications of fuzzy matrices. Abdul et al. [13] faced different type of problem like if we add one or more attributes row wise or column wise then matrix will become bigger and complexity will increase during calculation. Due to it we use matlab code to solve each part of this problem in this paper and got best results. 

2020 Mathematical Sciences Classification: 15B15. 

Keywords and Phrases: Fuzzy matrix theory, maximum age group, divorce problem, divorced women