M. C. Shanmukha1 , K. N. Anil Kumar2 , N. S. Basavarajappa3 and A. Usha4

Department of Mathematics 

1Jain Institute of Technology, Davanagere-577003, Karnataka, India 

2,3Bapuji Institute of Engineering and Technology, Davanagere-577004, Karnataka, India 

4Alliance School of Applied Mathematics, Alliance University, Bangalore-562106, Karnataka, India,,, 

(Received : October 13, 2021; Revised : January 19,2022; Accepted : May 09 , 2022) 




A group of chemical compounds containing organic ligands and metal ions(clusters) called as Metal organic networks (MON s). These are found as one, two and three dimensional structures of porous and subordinate class of coordination polymers. The characteristics of MON s are high surface area, large pore volume, different morphology and very good chemical stability. The applications of MON s includes gas storage, heterogeneous catalysis and sensing of various gases. The stability and characteristics of these networks have become important because of the above said characteristics. The numerical invariants used to predict the physicochemical characteristics and bioactivities of chemical compounds known as topological indices. In our proposed work, we compute neighborhood redefined first Zagreb index, neighborhood redefined second Zagreb index and Generalized Reciprocal Sanskruti index for two different MON s

2020 Mathematical Sciences Classification: 05C07, 05C09, 05C92. 

Keywords and Phrases: Topological indices; Metal-organic networks