Anju Khandelwal1, Suneet Saxena2 and Avanish Kumar3

1,2Department of Mathematics, SRMS College of Engineering and Technology, Bareilly, India

3Department of Mathematical Sciences and Computer Applications, Bundelkhand University, Jhansi, India

Email: dranju20khandelwal@gmail.com , sunarn2012@gmail.com , dravanishkumar@yahoo.com

(Received : August 04, 2022; Revised : August 14, 2022, Accepted : September, 23, 2022)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.58250/jnanabha.2022.52206


IDistributed Computing refers to the solution of a problem by distributed systems of autonomous and heterogeneous computers that are used in communication, networking, and workstation. Distributed computing is a computing technology that allows multiple computers to solve the same problem. Here problem-solving is achieved by communicating and executing the tasks in a distributed environment. Distributed Computing helps in performing computational tasks much faster than single computers. The objective of the problem present in this paper is to optimize the Processor Execution Cost and find the optimum combination which gives the reduced processor execution cost in the distributed computing environment and further provides the reduced program service cost as well as reliability. The algorithm for the present problem is executed in the open-source R programming language for optimization. 

2020 Mathematical Sciences Classification: MSC 90-04, 90-05, 90C-08, 90C-70 

Keywords and Phrases: Distributed Computing System (DCS), Processor/Task Execution Cost (PEC/TEC), Processor Communication Cost (PCC), Process Requirement, Open-Source Language. 

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